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Submission Preparation Checklist

As part of the submission process, authors are required to check off their submission's compliance with all of the following items, and submissions may be returned to authors that do not adhere to these guidelines.
  • The manuscript should be original and free of plagiarism contents.
  • The file is in Microsoft word (.doc / .docx).
  • Using mendeley reference program.
  • Pass the ethical clearance and clearly declare on methodology.
  • The authors list already fixed before submitted.
  • Author Statement of originality and that the manuscript is not under consideration for publication elsewhere

Author Guidelines

Journal of Community Mental Health and Public Policy only publishes original research articles in the field of community mental health and public policy and related disciplines. Articles need to have the characteristic of novelty, original, pass the ethical clearance, and give the contribution in the development of community mental health and public policy science and technology. Articles can be made in both Indonesian and English forms. Articles in Indonesian that are considered important and interesting for global health will be translated into English (free). However, it can be made in both Indonesian and English forms. Articles in Indonesian that are considered important and interesting for global health will be translated into English (free).

Format Template Artikel:

Format Tittle Page:

Form Orisinalitas Penulis:

Manual Prosedur Akses OJS untuk Penulis:

Manuscript should be typed as the writing style guideline as follow:

  1. Manuscript written:
    1. Edited in MS Words
    2. Font style Times New Roman (TNR) size 12 (except the abstract)
    3. single space
    4. Paper size A4
    5. Portrait orientation
    6. Two columns (except the abstract)
    7. Margins 2,5 cm (on top, left, right, and bottom)
    8. Justified (except the title)
  2. The lay out consists of:
    1. Title:
      Explain the summary of the study with a simple, clear, and balanced analysis of what is done with what will be found. Also show research design. Title no more than 12 words (TNR 12, Space 1, UPPERCASE, and Center)
    2. Authors:
      Don't list the authors name, affiliation, email, and corresponding authors in article. These three things will be written in the article title page format.
    3. Abstract:
      Typed in English, consist of introduction, method, result, and discussion. Maximal 200 words. Below the abstract there are 3-5 keywords. (TNR 10, Space 1, Justify)
    4. Introduction:
      Describe the background and the purpose of research systematically and clear. Not more than 700 words (TNR 12, Space 1, Justify).
    5. Research method:
      Explain clearly the design of the study which includes information on time and location, population, sample, selection of research respondents (sampling), research variables and their limits, instruments of data collection, data analysis, treatment of data bias, and ethical permission processes. The method cannot be more than 500 words (TNR 12, Space 1, Justify).
    6. Result:
      Narrate the results of the study, can be added with tables, graphs, images, and / or diagrams accompanied by a brief explanation. Also include an explanation of missing data. If the research is classified as analytic, then include the Interval Confidence (CI) value. The table in the results cannot be more than 5 tables (TNR 12, Space 1, Justify).
    7. Discussion:
      Explanation of the results of the study contains: 1) a summary of research findings in general supported by facts, relevant theories, and related opinions, 2) comparison of results with previous research / findings, 3) possible mechanisms and limitations of research, 4) research strengths and weaknesses , whether research can be carried out at locations other than research locations 5) policy recommendations and follow-up actions from the research (TNR 12, Space 1, Justify).
    8. Conclusion and Recommendation:
      Write conclusions and research suggestions in the form of a narrative in a short and clear Conclusions and Suggestions cannot be more than 2 paragraphs (TNR 12, Space 1, Justify).
    9. Acknowledgment
      If you get help in a settlement article, write a thank you thank you and mention the intended representative. Explain briefly in just 1 paragraph (TNR 12, Space 1, Justify).
    10. References:
      References used to conduct research should be primary sources, which have recently been published (less than 10 years), and journals reviewed by previous authors. The reference list contains only the cited resources used in the script writing. References must be prepared using the mendeley reference program (TNR 12, Space 1, Justify)

Privacy Statement

The names and email addresses entered in this journal site will be used exclusively for the stated purposes of this journal and will not be made available for any other purpose or to any other party.