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e-ISSN : 2622-2655

History of the Journal

The Institute for Research and Applied for Mental Health (Lentera Kaji) was established on the basis of an agreement for understanding and attention to mental health in Indonesia. Although on the other hand, along with the development of the economy and technology, progress in Indonesia is increasing and the national health status is increasing. Therefore, Lenterakaji asserted to create Indonesian people through increasing understanding of mental health. To achieve this vision, the mission of Lenterakaji is to provide support for research and application research at the community level for the development of health sciences and soul care in the form of research assistance, journals as a forum for various research results and bridging between mental health research and research.

The Journal of Community Mental Health and Public Policy is a journal reviewed by colleagues who focuses on community mental health, addiction, and public policy in the health sector. This journal was published in collaboration between the Research and Applied Institution for Mental Health (LENTERA KAJI) and the Indonesian Tobacco Research Alliance (ARTI). We publish online regularly twice a year, every April and October.
The e-ISSN number is 2622-2655. We invite researchers in the fields of medicine, public health and public policy to contribute to the development of knowledge in community mental health, addiction and public policy by publishing their research in this Journal of Community Mental Health and Public Policy.

Focus and Scope

The Journal of Community Mental Health and Public Policy focuses on the areas of community mental health and mental health care, addiction or substance abuse, including drugs, alcohol and smoking, mental health or addiction prevention, public policy about mental health and addiction and other related subjects. This journal accepts original research or innovation and opinions on current mental health issues and public policies. Journal does not receive case reports.

Publication Ethics

Malpractice statements and status specifically, (based on elsevier recommendations and health mental health journals and public policy guidelines for editor journals).

Author Fees

This journal does not charge authors for online publications. Fees apply to requests for print editions and special editions issued between normal publication times.

Privacy Statement

The name and email address entered in this journal site will be used exclusively for other purposes of this journal and will not be available for other purposes or to other parties.